Oman Observer

SALALAH, Learning is a process but quick learning is a technique. This is what some college students tried to prove through their projects called ‘Tower of Hanoi’, ‘Konigsberg Bridge’ and ‘Angry bird game’. They themselves are convinced about the good results and tell others to give the techniques a chance to be quick learners. Balquis Jamil al Saadi and Hannan Nasser Ali, students of Salalah College of Applied Sciences, proudly demonstrated their ‘Tower of Hanoi’ project during a recently concluded exhibition in Salalah. Their project is based on the application of recurrence relation that gives particular sequence of numbers.

Their supervisors Dr Veeramani Veerabhadran and Manimaran Sambantha Murti said the students took good initiative in developing the project. “Such activities allow them to think out of the box and understand mathematical concepts easily.” “Our IT department participated in the exhibition with three projects and we were happy that they performed well and explained their points of view to the stall visitors. Such events inculcate confidence among the students and are really beneficial in their academic advancement,” said Dr Veeramani.

Reema Khaled Mukhalef and Anwaar al Maamri demonstrated the ‘Konigsberg Bridge’ problem which is an application of graph theory. It helps students and for that matter everyone to find a circuit in a connected graph that includes all the edges of the graph. This project was adjudged as one of the best projects of the exhibition.

Yet another interesting project showcased by the information technology (IT) students was ‘Angry bird game’ and ‘Training’ applications done by two final year students Noor and Jamila.

“The game has many levels and designed by our IT students. Whereas ‘Training’ app is the mobile version of the SIS (Students Information System) which is currently used by the Colleges of the Applied Sciences and developed in the android environment by the IT students as a final year project,” said their supervisor Tarek Fatnassi.