Oman Observer

MUSCAT,  Youth Sada inaugurated its Center for Omani Youth Initiative recently. Supported by BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme, the centre will provide creative workspaces and foster a range of youth initiatives that contribute to the social work in Al Dhahirah Governorate. The initiatives will be chosen based on set criteria such as value addition and project viability. 

Furthermore, the centre will launch a series of programmes, activities and meetings on a continuous basis to enrich the minds of the youth.

“Youth Sada’s initiatives are aligned with our Social Investment Programme’s objective of empowering young Omanis to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our youth will be one of the drivers to lead the nation towards a self-sufficient and a progressive future,” said Shamsa Ahmad al Rawahi, BP Oman Social Investment Manager. “At BP Oman, we invest in initiatives that provide a platform for creativity and self-development. It is necessary to equip the youth with the right skill set to inspire growth and productivity,” she added.

The Youth Sada centre consists of an incubator that plays the role of a creative workspace. It offers many services for the youth to help them sustain their projects. These include logistics and technical services such as meeting rooms, projectors, audio equipment, Internet, printing services and others.

Additionally, it will offer entrepreneurial training services by hosting renowned experts in the field. It will conduct monthly training workshops for the youth and provide consultation services on annual, operational and marketing project plan.

“We are pleased to collaborate with BP Oman and join their Social Investment Programme. Our joint pursuits have contributed to establishing an innovative hub that allows the youth to share, interact and invest their abilities to serve the community. We aim to delve into issues that our youth might be facing and initiate a dialogue about it,” said Qais bin Salim al Maqrushi, Youth Sada’s Chief Executive Officer.

Youth Sada is an Omani youth initiative established in 2013, whose main endeavour is to raise youth’s awareness as well as bolster their knowledge and capabilities through the preparation and implementation of youth and community programmes.