Oman Observer

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Education will celebrate on Thursday the development of 15 educational initiatives by teachers from different governorates of the Sultanate. The function will be held under the patronage of Shaikh Mohammed bin Said al Kalbani, Minister of Social Development.

Such initiatives are honoured annually on Teachers’ Day, which is held at the ministry level. Honouring of teachers’ initiatives in public forums will act as a catalyst for further work that would help in the process of teaching and learning and contribute to enriching the education process. This recognition of teachers is based on the principle of giving everyone the opportunity to contribute through the initiatives they develop.

The teachers’ initiatives are presented within five main areas including this year’s addition of educational aids category. This new field focuses on initiatives which prepare educational aids that are interactive and facilitate the teaching of the curriculum. These aids are considered important to the learning process and for the motivation of students.

Another area is educational performance which includes initiatives that contribute to the educational achievement of students. The third topic is student care, which is about initiatives that contribute to solving students’ social, behavioural and academic problems. The forth area, which include scientific and technical projects, encourages initiatives that contribute directly to the development of the teaching and learning process through the introduction of educational technology, educational robot projects and artificial intelligence.

The 5th field is the linguistic performance development that focuses on initiatives related to the development of the language acquisition in Arabic, English and other languages that are taught in Omani schools.

The Ministry of Education has taken the responsibility of publishing the general criteria for participation in these initiatives, as well as the criteria for candidacy, the general conditions for competition, the conditions for honouring and the evaluation mechanism adopted by the ministry.

This is done by publishing them for teachers through the educational portal and of the ministry and the social media channels for the Specialised Centre for Professional Training for Teachers.

The evaluation of the initiatives goes through two stages. The first stage is done at different governorates and the second stage is at the ministry where the best three initiatives are chosen from each area. Then the winners are awarded at the annual ceremony of Teachers’ Day which motivates teachers towards further innovation.