Times of Oman

Muscat: Oman has the infrastructure in place to completely change the way school and university students learn in the classroom.

A forum to be held soon in the Sultanate will strive to make Oman the model for all, and organisers believe the Sultanate’s forward thinking approach will put it ahead of the rest.

An official from the Ministry of Higher Education called the meet, MENA 2019, scheduled to be held in September, “a high quality forum with the support of the ministry.”

Artificial intelligence

Technology can be used in Oman to help students learn using artificial intelligence and programming, organisers say.

This will help adjust their education based on how they absorb the subject material, and it will make sure that they can excel. The system will be tailor-made to monitor the performance of individual students, and will then adjust the speed of its learning to suit the learning style and pace of the student in question.