Oman Observer

Muscat, Teachers throughout the Sultanate welcomed students as the new academic year began on Sunday. More than 30,000 new students joined classes. Observer asked teachers how was their first day and this is what they had to say. “The first day was great both the teachers and students were enthusiastic and full of anticipation,” said Khawla al Oraimi, a teacher at Al Bur School.

Saqr al Hashami, who teaches at Qutaiba School for Basic Education at Jalaan, described it as an awesome day, “Teachers have been greeting students with smiles and shaking hands as it helps the youngsters to feel comfortable. We congratulated them on their first day at school. This atmosphere always helps in creating an approachable and friendly atmosphere for students.

Safaa al Sinani, a teacher at Al Sheraa School in Sur, agreed it was a marvellous day.

Ali al Ghafri at Al Shaikh Nasser bin Rashid al Kharousi for Basic Education School in Mawaleh said the first day went smoothly with the help and cooperation of teachers and parents.

Observer asked the teachers what are the five things they wanted the students to remember when coming to school.

“Students should take note of five points; focus during the classes, study at home and never put aside their studies, behaviour is one of the best ways to communicate with their teachers and friends and remember knowledge is power,” said Al Ghafri.

Khawla said she wanted them to be sure that the journey depends on how they feel about themselves, their abilities and expectations. They have to remember that their efforts are appreciated, the classroom is a place to learn not only language but self-development skills and most importantly they must take responsibility for their own learning as well as remember that they reap what they sow.

Al Hashami pointed out the five things he would want the students to remember. They should be optimistic, wake up early, participate in school activities, wear a smile and get to know each other.

Safaa said the students must remember to bring their food, books and other belongings and remember what they have learned before and behave well.

When asked about parents’ role, the teachers had immediate answers. Khawla said the answer is motivation, support and positivity. “They can help with changing attitudes towards school and English language in general. Leave the children to learn from their trials and never over protect them. Give them a space to shine,” she said.

According to Al Hashami, parents are vitally important in transforming their children into experts and fit for the future. This can be fulfilled by instilling confidence in them and deciding on a plan to make a difference to achieving a bright future. Saafa explained how important it is for parents to be in contact with the children’s school, and in having patience while supporting the teacher.

Um Kalthoom al Maskari from Lubabah School said that parents must encourage children to care about learning more than any other things and grades will automatically be gained. Parents support is crucial, said Al Ghafri, “By following their children at school and at home as well.”

Finally what would they like to say to students? “Stay motivated whatever obstacles you face and never give up,” added Um Kalthoom.

“I would like to tell my students that I am proud of them and they can do more than they think. They should keep going and trust themselves,” said Safaa. According to Saqr, “Of course they have unique capabilities that they can invest in school. It is time to change the world around you. You can do it.”