The Education Council has held its third meeting of the year under the chairmanship of H.E Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal bin Saud al- Busaidi, Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court and Chairman of the Education Council. 

The Council congratulated the educational institutions on the occasion of the new academic year, praying to Allah the Almighty to be a successful year for all employees and students in schools and higher education institutions. The Council also praised the role of Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) for ensuring of quality of higher education institutions in the Sultanate, and the efforts exerted in the completion of the National Qualifications Framework project. It also affirmed the role of OAAA and its support in various programmes and initiatives that it seeks to achieve.

As part of its efforts to implement the recommendations of the National Education Strategy 2040, the Council reviewed the completed projects of the strategy, which would develop and strengthen the education system in the Sultanate in various forms and stages, in line with the development vision and aspirations of the Sultanate, and achieve the desired goals for sustainable development. The Council also discussed a report prepared on enhancing the participation of the private sector in investment in the school education sector. It directed the Ministry of Education to proceed with the implementation of the partnership proposal with the private sector to provide school support services, which would contribute to the improvement of the educational process.

The Council also discussed the recommendations proposed by the ministry on the establishment of legal and legislative frameworks to organise the partnership process, in addition to other considerations, such as governance, management and economic feasibility, as well as contributing to raising the quality of education, raising the level of academic achievement and the development of clear and measurable indicators in this aspect.

The Council reviewed a number of other reports and memoranda submitted to it by various entities, and took appropriate actions in their regard.