Muscat Daily

With the world choking under the effects of plastic waste, it is time we started thinking about it. It’s a massive problem, but one that has prompted many to try and find a solution. 

An Omani student, Salima al Salti, a business student in Rustaq college, has invented an eco-friendly plastic that uses a raw material readily available in Oman – palm trees.  Named ‘Saaf’, the product is in its nascent stage and Salima wants to conduct some more experiments before it can be used. 

Explaining the process, Salima told Muscat Daily, “The prototype is ready but I have to still conduct some more experiments to come out with a quality product. Through this product, I have transformed palm into an eco-friendly plastic. First, the cellulose needs to be separated from the palm tree branch and some chemicals have to be added to it. It then has to be heated for several days before leaving it to cool.”  

When asked on the challenges she had to face while developing the product, Salima said, “Most projects are fraught with challenges but one just has to persevere in their endeavours. Patience, time management are key to the success in any kind of research.” 

Salima, who won the third place in the Namaa competition, said she needs funding for her innovative product. “I need financial support for my experiments. Once the product is ready, I will register the idea at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and launch it commercially.”