Oman Observer

The Research Council (TRC) on Tuesday organised hackathons for 65 schoolchildren from three schools of Al Seeb and for 35 children of TRC staff.

The hackathons, which were held under the theme ‘Let’s discover and innovate’, aimed to instil interest of science and exploration among children and enhance their skills to become leaders of innovation and research.

The event of scientific hackathon promotes the spirit of creativity, challenge and talent refinement. It is also an opportunity to teach young people the importance of adopting new initiatives and cope with the new technologies.

During the TRC hackathon, the participants were briefed on the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including smart robot, virtual reality and its applications, 3D Printing, and 3D Pen Design. They were given challenges to solve through these applications, utilising the services offered at Makers Oman prototyping centre of the Innovation Park Muscat (IPM).

The event began with introducing the idea of ​​the hackathon and the importance of innovation, research and development.

Participants were then divided into several teams. The teams were encouraged to generate innovative ideas to address the challenges after using the techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.