Oman Observer

Muscat,  EJAAD Second Leadership Forum, held on October 28 at Oman Conventions and Exhibition Centre under the auspices of Salim bin Nasser al Aufi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, witnessed the signing of 11 memorandums in partnership with industrial, academic and government organisations.

Among the 11 memorandums, EJAAD signed a memorandum of understanding with Oman Oil Company and Orpic to explore the feasibility of establishing an Advanced Plastics Technology, Research and Innovation Centre. The centre aims to stimulate the downstream petrochemicals industry by providing services of materials testing, mold manufacturing, training, research, consulting for plastics converters and manufacturers. EJAAD also signed a memorandum of understanding with ASYAD to incorporate logistics as a research focus area within EJAAD, highlighting areas of collaboration and the establishment of a centre of excellence in logistics.

Furthermore, EJAAD signed a memorandum of understanding with Oman Food Investment Holding Co to establish an Advanced Food Technology, Research and Innovation Park, which seeks to stimulate the food industry through providing innovations and consulting services, such as operation of machinery, process simulation and product design, acting to serve the food processing industry, food manufacturing, supply chains and other food industries.

Hydrogen Rise AG is another company that EJAAD signed a memorandum of understanding with to explore the feasibility of introducing hydrogen as an alternative source of energy in Oman. The feasibility study will identify the necessary infrastructure for new hydrogen economy in Oman, model economic scenarios, estimate the capacity of hydrogen production in Oman from renewable energy and propose a roadmap for research activities in area of hydrogen as a clean source of energy.

The fifth memorandum of understanding was signed with Dutch MAIO Holding Company to explore the feasibility of establishing a large-scale macroalgae cultivation and processing unit in Oman coastal areas. The unit aims to serve Oman’s marine biotechnology industry by establishing a macroalgae-processing unit for biojet fuel and protein and biofertiliser products, and providing training, knowledge transfer, research and consulting services on macroalgae growth, processing and exploitation in the Gulf of Oman.

EJAAD also signed a memorandum of understanding with Oman LNG to conduct a consultancy study on pan-industry impact of adapting IoT-enabled units on the workforce, and the required skill set and training.

Besides the six memorandums of understanding, EJAAD signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Austrian company; Heliovis AG, and National Technology and Service company to demonstrate the HELIOtube technology in Oman, adapt it for the local environment, and transfer the know-how of production technology to Oman for future manufacturing and export. The HELIOtube is a technology developed by HELIOVIS AG that uses large inflatable cylinders to concentrate solar power, providing low-cost solar solutions.

In order to explore the feasibility of establishing an industrial scale Recycling System for solid-waste from Sewage Treatment Plants, EJAAD signed a memorandums of collaboration with Majis Industrial Services. The Recycling System will provide an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for solid waste from domestic and industrial STPs, collaborate as service provider for clean electricity, biogas and feed for cement clinkers as well as training and knowledge dissemination services.

Another memorandum of collaboration was signed with Daleel Petroleum and Kazan Federal University to implement a joint research project for the development and screening of catalytic thermal technologies for enhanced heavy oil recovery technique in the Natih B carbonate formation, that is operated by Daleel Petroleum.

PDO also signed an agreement with EJAAD to conduct a consultancy study on Energy and Water Efficiency Optimisation on PDO contractor community in Fahud Industrial Area. The study results will provide good understanding of the consumption behaviour, trends as well as the identifying gaps, and will be used to develop a corporate energy and water efficiency roadmap. Lastly, a grant agreement was signed between Gutech & BP Oman to support R&D project aiming to study the effects of the weather parameters on Solar Panels Efficiency in Oman.

EJAAD Second Leadership Forum also included the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Oman Food Investment Holding Co to establish an advanced Technology Innovation Complex for the food industry. This complex seeks to encourage the food industry by providing innovations and consultancy services in the areas of manufacturing, design, packaging and value added.