A Speech by the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may his soul rest in peace, to the UNESCO 38th General Conference from November 3-18  2015 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). A Speech by the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may his soul rest in peace, to the UNESCO 38th General Conference from November 3-18 2015 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


Mr. President of the General Conference,
Mr. Chairperson of the Executive Board,
Madam Director-General of UNESCO
Your Excellencies, Honorable Ministers, Ambassadors and heads of delegation participating in the UNESCO 38th General Conference, honorable attendees.

It’s a cause of delight and happiness to meet the world here in the 38th UNESCO General Conference so as to work together to achieve the noble goals of all the world nations and to share knowledge and expertise to uplift humankind in the fields of education, culture, communication and the exchange of viewpoints over the future of the common humanitarian work on light of the rapid changes the world is experiencing today.
At this historic moment we wouldn’t miss the chance to congratulate the leading organization (UNESCO) on the 70th anniversary of its foundation as it shoulder the responsibility of enlightenment and development of humanity towards further progress and prosperity.
As we follow the progress (being achieved) by this young organization in realizing the aspirations of the world peoples we hope that these achievements will continue for the sake of a brighter future for humanity. We wish the organization success in implementing its projects and programmes. We wish that the benevolent contributions of the UNESCO will translate into well-being and happiness of nations.

Your Excellencies:
We are living in a world where science is expanding one after another and intellect is developing in a notable way and knowledge is being produced rapidly. It is imperative to keep pace with the progressive march of science and civilization. Based on that we call on this promising organization to dedicate all its educational, cultural and scientific capabilities for serving the peoples through its various qualitative programmes and to benefit the peoples through its multiple awareness programmes. We supports the UNESCO’s orientations in upgrading the youths’ skills and linking them with the labor market in order to face the global challenges.
Education is unquestionably the main pillar in human building and the most important tool for achieving sustainable development goals and in order for that goal to become a reality on the ground is significant to join efforts and share knowledge and experiences to spread education and eliminate diseases, poverty and illiteracy.
Fortunately, the UNESCO is marking its 70th anniversary this year when the whole world is looking forward to expanding the UNESCO Education for All initiative beyond 2015 and continuing the UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development (2015-2030) programme and to actualize its goals set by the UN for the same period which guarantee quality education for all and achieve gender equality as well as eliminate hunger, provide food security, enhance sustainable agriculture, take measures to combat climate change, preserve marine resources and utilize them in achieving sustainable development and other goals>

Your Excellencies :

 We are anxiously following the ongoing conflicts in different parts of the world which stem from lack of understanding and non-acceptance for others despite an expanded circle of commonalities among human beings. From this platform we call on the world to prioritise the options of peace, dialogue and compromise through acceptance and respect of others and desisting violence and confrontation and all that leads to them.
It gives a sense of relief when the UNESCO exploits multiculturalism of the humankind in building bridges of understanding among nations in order to coexist in a world of love and cooperation.
The Sultanate of Oman has long adopted the policy of tolerance and fostering the bonds of love and peace among nations and we have succeeded in acquiring more friends.

Your Excellencies :
The world is aware of the increasing importance of technology and its role in facilitating the lives of individuals and the progress of nations. We bless the good efforts being taken to tap the technologies and cyber security and we confirm the importance of exploiting the products of the modern age to bring happiness to humanity.

Your Excellencies :
We highly value the global attention being accorded to science and the exploitation of renewable energies in all forms of life and also to stem the challenge of pollution and climate change and to sustain the energy sources for the generations to come. We commend the constant strive to finding root solutions to the issues of population growth,  food security, water shortage and the other modern-age challenges.
We also praise all the efforts aimed at protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity. Besides, we back the efforts being taken to achieve the desired goals.

Your Excellencies :
We renew our appreciation for this promising organization and our deep thanks to those on charge of it wishing them further success in the service and well-being of mankind.

We pray to the Almighty to grant us all success.